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What is proRM

proRM is a Resource and Project Management Tool which is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It offers service providers with the following functionalities:  

  1. Project Management
  2. Project Planning
  3. Resource Management
  4. Skill Management
  5. Time-tracking
  6. Travel and Expense Booking
  7. Project Controlling
  8. Activity Approval
  9. Invoicing
  10.   Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

proRM Modules

Modular approach of proRM Business Solutions enables you to buy what you need and experience a tremendous cost reduction while implementing the ultimate business XRM solution.
proRM is offering following modules to improve your business affectivity and efficiency. Are you ready for a new Era of Resource and Project Management ?

Basic Module

proRM Basic Module is providing a very complete functionality and establishing the base for all other modules of proRM. proRM Basic Module will cover the complete project life cycle from the creation of the project to the final invoice. Power of simplicity to realize your real business is the main focus of proRM Basic Module. Every other module of proRM will work with proRM Basic Module to increase functionality in harmony. Please Go to the Module Page for more  info.

Project Planning Module

Budget Allocation over the complete project structure and resource assignments. Transparent project planning at a glance. Go to the Module Page info.

Project Controlling

Intuitive Real Time Project Monitoring. Innovative Project Controlling Approach to have the ultimate transparency over each project breakdown step. Go to the Module Page for more info.

Gantt Chart Module

Gantt Chart Module is the most extensive offering of proRM to cover everything that you need for a Gantt View, Project Creation, Breakdown Templates, dependencies and many other functionalities are waiting for you. Go to the Module Page for more info.

Project Cockpit Module

Direct Access to daily needed functions of Project Management without media disruption. Creating Resources, Projects, Tasks, Appointments and managing them have never been easier. Go to the Module Page for more info.

Skill Management Module

Access to resources considering their skills and workload. Strong search engine over the resources for the needed skills and workload monitoring for the filtered employees to find the best fit for the Task. Go to the Module Page for more info.

Further Support

Please feel free to contact our Support Team via E-Mail at any time: 


You can also visit our Website.

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